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The Miracles For Peace Candle© Fundraiser


Partner with 

Miracles For Peace (MFP) non-profit 

to raise funds

for your organization or community projects.


The MFP Candle is an eco-friendly non-toxic candle

that is a year round everyday use item for

one’s own home, office or a special gift. 


The candle container displays 9 words around it

of high vibration that resonate positive energy:

Peace, Compassion, Cooperation, Tolerance,

Listen, Believe, Love, Forgive, Unity. 

Add your positive intentions while the candle is lit

to send peaceful intentions and high vibrational energy

to the people and environment around you

and around the world.  


This 10 ounce candle is made of unscented soy wax

with its natural color, a cotton wick and a burn time of approximately 70 hours, is in a 3” x 4” refillable glass

with the words in either Silver or Rose, 

and in a gift box ready to wrap.


Sell the candles by your choice

of cash, check or credit card

through your own accounting system.

You decide how long your selling period will be.


Information and pictures are able to be emailed to

your employees, members or customer lists. 

You may also sell to the general public.  


Order extra candles to have on hand for

spontaneous on-the-spot sales or

for your own gift shop to extend your fundraising.


for pricing information and to set up your fundraiser.

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