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About Miracles For Peace

This is a healing initiative that had its roots in a documentary about the severe cultural, political & religious conflicts in Ireland that aired on the 

60 Minutes TV show in the 1970's.


Individual and small cultural healing meditations started in 2002.

In 2007, MFP began doing larger group healing meditations- 

these healing meditations are for all cultures to remove negative beliefs and programs that trigger present and past issues with people of other races, religions and politics. You would be surprised at how many buried negative unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions each of us unknowingly holds against other people.


In many instances, these are genetic beliefs inherited from our ancestry through our DNA that are attached to fear, trauma, anger and hatred towards other countries, lands and their people that you don’t realize you have inherited.


Once these traumas, negative beliefs and issues are healed, the hidden hatreds and resentments that go back centuries are released. This will allow people to embrace and accept other people, cultures and religions of the world 

with acceptance and unconditional love.

There are many more projects for cultural healing that have been started-

these will require more funding to continue them.

MFP is providing powerful healing for removing the inner and outer conflicts towards each other.  If you know of any person, group, corporation or foundation that would be willing to support this effort, please send the information - click the 'contact' tab above.


Thank you for your support of these vital community projects.

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